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Grant Spotlight: Books, Books, Books!

May 27, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

We’re proud of the big grants we fund, for things like We The People and Math Modeling, but we’re also proud of our smaller grants, many of which were used this year to purchase books for classroom use.  Those purchases included 60 copies of Death of a Salesman for American Lit, 50 copies of The Serengeti Rules for AP Bio, 4 copies of Fundamentals of Physics for AP Physics, 20 copies of The Housekeeper and the Professor for 9th grade World Lit, 19 copies of Visualizing Mathematics with 3D printing for Mr. Webb’s students to use in conjunction with the new 3D printer, and one AP textbook for AP French.

As always, we can’t fund these enhancements without your support.  Donate here today.

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