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2017 Alumni Annual Fund Campaign

June 27, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

We owe a special thank you to our alumni this year for their exceptional contributions to the Governor’s School Foundation.  This fiscal year, a full 31% of all alumni donated alumni donated a combined $81,000.  That’s more than $10,000 over our previous record for alumni giving set in 2013-14.

During the campaign, we got life updates from a number of alumni, including one who is currently touring the US and Canada with his wife in their 1983 Volkswagon Vanagon and sent in his donation from a campground with wifi.  Some passed along thanks to particular teachers who influenced them.  Several aired the opinion that the Class of 2008 was the “best class ever.”  Whether or not that is true (2004 rules), we love that there’s still so much good feeling toward the school from our alumni.

Congratulations are due, once again, to the Class of 1999, always the dominant class participation-wise.  This year, they ended with a 73% participation rate.  The Class of 1997, however, had the most donors, at 84 and the highest dollar amount ever donated by a single class at $12,865.97.  The Classes of 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008 all exceeded the participation goal of 35%.

Contributions to the annual fund are what make everything we do possible.  Thanks to all our alumni who pitched in this year.  Thanks especially to the class agents who contacted their classmates during May Alumni Annual Fund Campaign.  We truly could not have done it without you.  Our 2016-17 class agents:

Misty Clark (’96)
Andy Creery (’96)
Alana Beba Gavrilis (’96)
Rashelle Brown Hayes (’97)
Anthony Pellicane (’97)
Ian Miller (’97)
Sarah Levinson (’97)
Adam Moore (’98)
Christian McMurray (’98)
Bryce Lyle (’99)
Emily Muth (’00)
Liz White (’00)
Lauren Marshall (’01)
Aliza Sterling (’02)
Alex Tuck (’02)
Tyndall Ellis (’03)
Amy Weiss (’03)
Megan Partridge (’03)
Christian Tharp (’03)
Jessica Zappia (’03)
Catherine Nicholas (’04)
Mica Swyers (’04)
Carlton Forbes (’05)
Erin Ortiz (’06)
Rachel Savoy Caldwell (’06)
Bailey Thomson (’06)
Jason Bodman (’07)
Kathleen Kostandin (’07)
Wayne Ngai (’07)
Nick Eilerson (’07)
Mauren Campbell (’08)
Karthik Ilakkuvan (’09)
Molly Cook (’09)
Justin Pierce (’09)
Madelaine Spangler (’09)
Callie Guy (’10)
Ginny Cross (’10)
Cindy Luan (’11)
Dale Wolf (’11)
Megan Morris (’13)
John Ziegler (’13)
Virginia Chambers (’16)


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