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Senior Showcase 2017

June 2, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The mentorship program and the specially-designed senior seminar classes are some of Maggie Walker’s most remarkable offerings for students.  Senior Showcase is the culminating event for both courses of study.

Mentorship areas this year included fashion merchandising, investing, non-profit work, cardiology, investigative journalism, architecture, French pastry, music therapy, and many more.  Davis Coffey (’17) gave a presentation entitled, “Baby Got a Sore Back: Factors that Affect the Recurrence of Lumbar Discectomies.”  Dhaara Rathi (’17) titled her talk, “McEachin and Mee: A Congressional Perspective on Youth Voter Turnout,” employing a pun any Richmonder can enjoy.  Sarah Law (’17), who interned at the prestigious VCU Brand Center, presented on the study of typeface perception and usage in a talk called, “Get with the Times New Roman.”

Students who opted for Senior Seminars also discussed their year-long courses of study.  Senior Seminars this school year included “Gender and Culture in the Middle East and North Africa” taught by Mrs. Cross, “Photojournalism in the Digital Age,” taught by Ms. Stinnett, “Books, Cooks, & Culture, taught by Mrs. Boswell, “Digital Video,” taught by Mr. Raviotta, “American Museums,” taught by Mrs. Williams, and “App Development,” taught by a visiting teacher.  You can read about the presentation from “America in the Vortex of War in the Middle East” students (taught by international relations expert Jack Kangas) in this Richmond Times Dispatch article.

The Foundation is proud to support Senior Seminars and to offer a reception for all mentors attending Senior Showcase.  As always, we can’t do that without your support.  Donate to the annual fund here.

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