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Enhancement Grant Guide for Faculty

September 6, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

If you’re interested in applying for an enhancement grant from the Foundation:

  • Pick up a 2017-18 application form from the Foundation office or download one from itslearning.
  • Complete the application.  Attach any relevant documentation.
  • Turn the completed application in to Dr. Ellis for review and approval.
  • Dr. Ellis will pass your application along to the Foundation if it is approved.  You will receive an email from Catherine at the Foundation confirming approval of your application.  If it is not approved, Dr. Ellis will contact you for clarification.


Please reference these additional guidelines as needed:

Registration Fees:
These fees pertain to conferences/workshops/competitions that will be attended prior to June 30, 2018. Documentation required: Conference Title, dates, registration fee costs (attach copy of flyer or website printout). The Foundation can and will pay these costs directly if time allows. For reimbursement, itemized receipt required.

Graduate Course Tuition: (limit of $1000 per faculty member per year).

Reimbursable only once course completed. Please submit documentation of course cost, institution, and any credits to be earned. When the course is completed, please submit evidence of completion, such as a transcript or certificate, and proof of payment, such as a receipt or, if you do not have a receipt, a copy of your credit card statement.


Airfare: Because you may have to adjust flights, it is best to reserve airline flights using personal credit cards. You may request reimbursement for your expenses prior to your travel if you submit original receipts and documentation. You will need to submit final travel receipts if incurred costs change.

Rental Cars/shuttle service: Rental cars are not usually charged until time of actual use. Expenses will be reimbursed when receipts are submitted to the Foundation. For shuttles or taxi, please ask for receipts in order to receive reimbursement.

Personal Vehicle Mileage: For local trips, the IRS allows 53.5 cents per mile (this will change of 1/1/18). Use Google Maps to calculate mileage. Please print out the mileage totals (and calculate round-trip costs) and attach to reimbursement request.

Tips: If you are traveling somewhere where you need to tip guides etc. in cash, keep a tip log to turn in to the Foundation.

Train: Please consider whether Amtrak is less expensive than mileage plus parking.

Lodging: It is best to reserve hotel using your personal credit card in case you need to make any changes during the trip. Lodging will be reimbursed after receipts are submitted to the Foundation. If absolutely necessary, we may be able to write a check directly to a hotel for grantee to take with them. Please supply hotel name/rates/dates with grant request (printout from hotel preferred)

Meals: MLWGS Administration reimburses meals at $50/day, so please do not request more than that amount. Meals are reimbursable only (no advances). You must turn in itemized receipts showing food purchases (no alcohol will be paid for) as well as credit card receipt showing tips. If you do not turn in itemized receipts you will not be reimbursed.

Please specify the supplies, equipment, or other items that you are requesting, and the estimated cost (and how that was calculated). Attach as much specific information (for ordering) as possible. Please specify how the item will be used to benefit the school. Please note that when purchasing these items they may qualify for tax exemption.  The Foundation prefers to pay vendors directly rather than reimbursing individuals for purchases, so please coordinate with us.

Transportation costs through the school:
If you have requested reimbursement for employing a school bus driver to transport students to an off-site school-related activity, be advised that the Foundation needs a signed trip log for that driver in order to process the reimbursement.  Please plan to include FICA in your reimbursement amount, as the school will pay the driver through payroll.

Reimbursement request deadline:
Receipts will be accepted for any approved grant for this fiscal year as long as receipts are submitted to the Foundation by July 31, 2018.

Please note that all of our checks have to be signed by a Foundation Board member.  As they are all volunteers who are rarely on site, it can take some time to have checks reviewed and signed.  If you need a quick turnaround on a check, please provide all necessary documentation and let Catherine know as soon as possible.