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2016-17 Taylor Teaching Award

January 3, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

We’re happy to welcome back English Department Chair Lisa Williams from her Taylor Teaching Award-funded trip to India!  The Taylor Teaching Award is named in honor of Pat Taylor, who dedicated decades of service to the Governor’s School as a founder, teacher, and administrator and who we are lucky to have still involved with our school and alumni community after her retirement.  The award is funded by the Foundation, though the recipient is selected by an entirely separate committee of educators and community members.

The award allows current MLWGS faculty members to explore international experiences that enrich their instruction at the school.  Past recipients include Max Smith, who traveled on the Trans-Siberian Railway; Celie Boswell, who visited four countries in sub-Saharan Africa; joint winners Lynn Reed & Hana (Reed) Voight, who visited southern Spain and North Africa; and Jeff Hall, who traveled to Berlin, Venice, and Istanbul.  That the five awards given have covered teachers from four very different departments (social studies, English, math, and art) shows how MLWGS teachers are all finding their own ways to integrate an international point-of-view into their instruction.

Mrs. Williams visited the “Golden Triangle” region of India.  Her travel shows a commitment to a core component of the mission of MLWGS, cultural awareness, and it will inform her instruction as a teacher of global literature.  Mrs. Williams will present to faculty members on her trip at the March faculty meeting and to alumni and any other interested members of the MLWGS community at an event sponsored by the Foundation at a date to be announced.

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