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Grant Spotlight: AxiDraw

February 12, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The Foundation recently purchased an AxiDraw pen plotter for use in Ryan Webb’s “Explorations in Mathematical Art” seminar.  The AxiDraw can work with computer code to make digital art come to life as “hand-drawn” ink on paper.  Ryan has a long-held interest in the intersection of math and art, as his creative work with 3-D math modeling has demonstrated.  We already love the first piece of digital art produced by the AxiDraw!

Contributions to the 2017-18 annual fund allow us to make purchases like this that enrich instruction and add something to the unique classes offered by MLWGS faculty.  We love working with the faculty to do what we can to make MWLGS an even more special place for every student.

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