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Grant Spotlight: Professional Development

May 3, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

This year, the Foundation set aside $35,000 to fund professional development for MLWGS faculty.  So far this year, 26 teachers have applied for and received grants to offset costs of graduate coursework and/or conference attendance.  This funding allowed Ms. Stinnett to take a course the history of the motion picture.  It sent Mrs. Reed to “MathFest” in Chicago.  It paid for Mr. McGuire to speak as a guest of honor at the Saskatchewan Teachers Institute on Parliamentary Democracy.  These experiences allow teachers to expand and more deeply inform their instruction.  On top of that, the availability of this funding makes MLWGS a better place to work.  It helps us show our teachers how much we value them and gives them the opportunity to continue to build their knowledge.

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