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Grant Spotlight: Summer Conferences

August 9, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The Foundation supported many faculty members pursuing professional development opportunities over the summer.  One of these was MLWGS librarian Wendy DeGroat, who not only attended but presented at two conferences.  At the ODU Library Summer Institute, she gave a talk entitled “Teaching Students to Seek Contrasting Viewpoints.”  She has published on this subject as well, and you can read her article here.  Wendy also spoke at the 15th Annual Longwood University Summer Literacy Institute, where her presentation was entitled “Diverse Currents of Contemporary American Poetry.”  Wendy is a published poet with a deep interest in the field.

The Foundation is proud to support our faculty as they seek not only to enrich their own instruction but to pass the expertise they have worked to cultivate onto their professional peers.  In 2018-19, we have committed $35,000 to fund grants to offset the cost of graduate coursework and other professional development opportunities for faculty members.  Support the Annual Fund to support this and all our other enhancement grant categories.