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Our Year at the Foundation (2018-19)

September 11, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Events

July – August

  • Over the summer of 2018, we raised the funds for the enhanced speed surface that will make add to both the quality and the longevity of the track at Maggie Walker.  Working together with Coach Holdren, who himself donated $10,000 toward this campaign, we were able to raise the funds needed by the start of the school year.  Every student at Maggie Walker will benefit from the work being done to restore the track, which was in need of attention after seventeen years of heavy use.
  • We enjoyed catching up with alumni both in RVA and passing through (hi Liz!) at our July 2018 happy hour at Triple Crossing.
  • We started including job openings and networking opportunities submitted by alumni, current parents, and alumni parents in the alumni newsletter.  We’ve heard through a few grapevines that these openings turned into jobs for some alumni and couldn’t be more thrilled.  To submit one, please email alumni at mlwgsfoundation dot org.
  • We welcomed a new part-time development assistant, Kathleen Kostandin (’07).  Kathleen has been a very active volunteer with the Foundation for several years, speaking at Alumni Showcase in 2016 and 2018, serving on the Alumni Steering Committee, planning alumni events, and donating to the auction.  We’re glad we get to see her one morning a week!
  • We continued the ordering process for the materials for the Purnima Amin Physics and Robotics Design Center.  This spending falls outside our enhancement grant spending and thus represents and even greater financial contribution to MLWGS than is contained within the realm of enhancement grants.  This was all made possible by a major gift from Amishi Amin & Neil Amin ’96.
  • Suzannah ran individual orientation sessions with all our incoming Board of Directors members.  Two alumni are joining the Board of Directors this year, Neil Amin (’96) and Alex Guzmán ’07.  We’re grateful for their service.
  • The Foundation’s Events Committee had its first quarterly meeting of the year, as did the Marking & Development Committee and the Governance & Nominations Committee.  Thank you to our committee members for their service.
  • At the end of August, we hosted two Freshmen Parent Welcome events that help get new parents oriented at the beginning of their MLWGS experience.  Thanks to the Locke family, the Schweiker family, Julie Wade, the Events Committee, our Board members, and all the student volunteers who made these events so great.
  • We planned Reunions Weekend 2018 (October 5-7) and opened up ticket sales.
  • We had a little bit of time to clean out our office and storage closet and start our annual audit.  Not very exciting if you aren’t us, but pretty exciting if you are.
  • By the end of August 2018 (the second month of our fiscal year), we had given out over $43,000 worth of enhancement grants.  Enhancement grants form the bulk of our programming and provide support for faculty and students in a number of different areas.  This fiscal year represents our biggest enhancement grant commitment to the school in the Foundation’s history, and the pace of spending reflects how much awareness and utilization of the grants has grown over the past few years.


  • We had our first Alumni Steering Committee meeting of the year.  Thanks again to our new committee members Caroline Creasey (’12), Megan Morris (’13), and Adam Powers (’10).  We’re so glad to have you.  At this meeting, we were able to cement our alumni events schedule through December and discuss other issues relevant to our role as the alumni office.
  • We ran our first Alumni Spotlight feature of the year on Jake Zaslav (’16), who spent his summer interning at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  More are on their way!
  • We completed all the ordering for the Purnima Amin Physics and Robotics Design Center.  This significant upgrade was made possible by a major gift from Amishi Amin & Neil Amin (’96).
  • The Foundation’s Executive Committee held its first meeting mid-September.
  • The Foundation’s Finance Committee held its first meeting in mid-September.  The committee discussed the Foundation’s financial situation, reviewed its investments, and discussed policy updates to ensure the fiscal health of the organization and adherence to best practices.  Two alumni joined the committee this year, Steven Crowe ’04 and Anna McGuire ’04.