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Grant Spotlight: Camera Restoration

October 2, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Photo credit: Africa Grooms ’20

Diverse and unique course offerings are part of what make MLWGS such an exceptional place to learn.  One great example of this is the photojournalism senior seminar offered by Georgianne Stinnett.  Ms. Stinnett developed this course to instruct students in the technical aspects of capturing photojournalistic images, the history and ethics of the field, and to allow them to interact with contemporary photojournalists.  Students both prepare a portfolio and present a topic of research.  Past students have researched topics like Gordon Park’s photography and the Civil Rights movement, the emerging role of the “citizen journalist” equipped with only a cell phone camera, and free speech as it relates to publishing misleading images.

Anyone with an interest in photography knows how expensive equipment can be.  In recognition of this reality, the Foundation has provided an enhancement grant requested by Ms. Stinnett for funds to purchase hardware to upgrade a digital 35mm SLR, which will be available for use by current students and retained for future use.  This is one of the ways the Foundation helps to make ambitious classes like this one possible.  We’re proud to support teachers like Ms. Stinnett as she works to make sure all her students have access to the resources they need to succeed in her classroom.

The 2018-19 Annual Fund supports all of our enhancement grants.  Make your gift here.

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