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Grant Spotlight: Music Software

October 3, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

MLWGS welcomed three great new music teachers in the 2018-19 school year.  Nicholas Merillat is teaching Jazz Band, while Michelle Graham takes on Chorus, and Christina Sienkiewicz, Orchestra.  The Foundation purchased software requested for shared use to aid in their instruction.  PhotoScore & NotateMe covert music handwritten on a surface or laptop into digital scores.  It can also read, transpose, and extract parts from handwritten music or PDFs.  The Foundation also purchased Sibelius, a software program used to create and edit musical scores.  Sibelius is particularly useful for transcribing parts for non-traditional instruments.  As Fine Arts department head, Jeff Hall has taken on the responsibility of orienting these new teachers to MLWGS, and we’re so glad that he guided them our way at the beginning of their time here so that we can help them start off their instruction on the best foot possible.

All enhancement grant programming is supported by the 2018-19 Annual Fund.  Make your gift here.

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