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Grant Spotlight: UK Admissions

October 31, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The MLWGS Counseling Office is administering Oxford and Cambridge admissions assessments this morning for interested students.  Though Maggie Walker sends by far the bulk of its graduates to colleges and universities in the United States, seniors do sometimes choose to pursue higher education abroad.  Application and admissions processes at international colleges and universities are often handled very differently than they are in the US.  Our counselors are now better equipped to help student interested in attending college abroad thanks to the knowledge Dr. Rachel Loving brought back from the annual CIS Forum on International Admissions Guidelines in Barcelona, Spain in 2016.  The program offers school counselors the chance to network with admissions officers and to promote their school and its students, as well as the opportunity to learn about the vast world of choices for students interested in attending school outside their home country.  An enhancement grant from the Foundation covered much of her travel costs and is just one example of a grant that will continue to impact the school and its students for years afterwards.

On the same trip, Dr. Loving also visited Oxford University, which added to her depth of understanding of the UK university admissions system.  Universities in the United Kingdom often require applicants to apply to a particular course of study, and they tend to care much less about unrelated extracurricular activities, like athletics.  The UK also has a centralized admission system, which allows students to apply to several schools through one portal.  Despite the potentially high travel costs to and from home, international colleges and universities can still be a financially reasonable choice for MLWGS students, as tuition is lower at many institutions of higher learning outside the US, and, additionally, undergraduate and graduate courses of study are often briefer in duration.

The 2018-19 Annual Fund supports all of our enhancement grants.  Make your gift here.

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