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Grant Spotlight: Joint Mathematics Meetings

January 22, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Lynn Reed and Linda Brown Westrick (’04) at the 2019 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore, MD

MLWGS math teacher Lynn Reed is a 25+ year member of the Mathematical Association of America.  “I always enjoy attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings when they occur ‘near’ Richmond,” she says.  As a member of the MAA’s Mini-Course Committee, she helped to monitor six mini-course sessions like “Dance and Mathematics” and “Object Based Learning and the Smithsonian Learning Lab” at the recent Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore.

Lynn was able to attend a wide variety of sessions, panel discussions, special interest group business meetings, and invited talks on topics including mathematical modeling, the history of mathematics, and math in art.  She brought a painting by Virginia Fielding (’19) to display at the JMM Art Exhibit and happened to run into MLWGS grad Linda Brown Westrick (’04), who is now a tenure-track professor of mathematics at Penn State University!

A grant from the Foundation helped cover the costs of attending this event.  The 2018-19 Annual Fund supports all of our enhancement grant programming.

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