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Grant Spotlight: Student Fees

September 23, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Providing access to all of the opportunities MLWGS has to offer its students is one of the most meaningful things the Foundation does.  To that end, our Board approved $22,000 worth of funding to be used for student financial aid in FY20.  We’re proud to say that so far in 2019-20, the Foundation has covered almost $5000 worth of fees for over 30 students.  Student fees can cover everything from P.E. uniforms to workbooks to dual enrollment course costs.

If you are interested in accessing student aid funding, contact Dr. Wendy Ellis, Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  The administration screens all requests for student aid, and the identity of the student is always kept anonymous.  Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Ellis if you believe your student could benefit from student aid funding.  It’s there to open up opportunities for your student!

Make your gift to the 2019-20 Annual Fund to support every student at MLWGS!

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