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What Does My Donation Do?

September 24, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Events


  • Fund our student financial aid grant category for a typical school year
  • Fund our classroom enrichment grant category for a typical school year
  • Open up opportunities for us to say “yes” to large items on the school’s wishlist that we would LOVE to fund!


  • Support large grants for class-related international travel, which allow MLWGS students to take advantage of the amazing opportunities cultivated by their teachers (and cover ALL travel costs for Dragons in financial need)
  • Provide graduate education grants for ten MLWGS faculty members
  • Cover the cost offset for four major class or club field trips or competitions


  • Support large purchases like the new piano, new physics modeling equipment, and the 3D printer
  • Cover student fees for every student in financial need in a typical school year
  • Cover the full cost of Dragons in financial need participating in class-related domestic and international travel opportunities


  • Offset the cost for all students traveling to a Model UN or Model Congress conference or a Debate competition
  • Cover the cost of the data plan for the wireless hotspots provided to students without internet access at home
  • Support classroom enrichment acquisitions, like the spectrophotometer purchased for the science department, and special programming, like April yoga instruction for sophomores in PE


  • Cover a graduate education grant for a MLWGS faculty member
  • Support a teacher attending an AP Summer Institute in their subject area
  • Pay for admission to the Black History Museum for the freshmen class visit


  • Pay for the materials for a research-based, student-friendly revamp of the library
  • Purchase software for use in band and orchestra instruction
  • Cover travel costs for a Dragon in financial need to the SABR Analytics Conference with Mr. Benesh’s math modeling seminar


  • Pay the entry fee to the John Marshall house for Historiography students
  • Cover student fees for one Dragon in financial need
  • Pay the entry fee for AP Comp students visiting the Charles Dickens Museum in London


  • Support the Peer Mentors’ recruitment event for new students
  • Purchase t-shirts for Newtowne Tutoring volunteers
  • Cover passport application fees for a Dragon in financial need


…and so much more!  We give out over 100 grants a year, and we couldn’t do it without your support.

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