Foundation Board 2016-17

Board Officers

  • Bill Benos, Chair–Attorney at Law, Williams Mullen
  • Steve Leibovic, Vice-Chair–Medical Director, Virginia Hand Center
  • Steve Pittard, Treasurer–CFO, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation
  • Liz Blue, Secretary–Attorney and Adjunct Professor

Board Members

  • Tamra Adams–Adams International School
  • Faith Alejandro ’01–Attorney at Law, Sands Anderson PC
  • Brick Brickley–Managing Partner, Benefit Fiduciary Group
  • Beth A. Bortz–President and CEO, Virginia Center for Health Innovation
  • Henry L. Chambers, Jr.–Professor of Law, University of Richmond
  • Brenda Daglish–Community Volunteer
  • Anne Hayes–Community Volunteer, Licensed Attorney
  • Atma Iyer–Managing Vice President, Capital One
  • Jennifer Linton–Founder and CEO, Fenris, LLC
  • Bryce Lyle ’99–Teacher, Chesterfield County Public Schools
  • Marianne Macon–Attorney and Community Volunteer
  • Samantha Marrs–Associate Vice President, VCU Development and Alumni Relations
  • Julie May–Community Volunteer 
  • Laura O’Brien–Marketing and Public Relations Consultant
  • Ginger O’Neil–Co-Founder and Owner, Anchors and Away, LLC
  • Leo Rohr–Digital Marketing Manager, The Museum of the Confederacy
  • Jane Scheibe–Volunteer Coordinator of New Century Hospice
  • Mary Michael Schweiker–Pediatrician, Monument Avenue Pediatrics
  • Henry Valentine III–Senior Vice President, Davenport & Company, LLC
  • Lillie Wauford–Community Volunteer
  • Amy Weiss ’03–Adjudication Specialist, Virginia Department of Health Professions
  • Julie Weissend–Vice President, Dovetail Construction

Ex Officio Board Members

  • Kevin Hazzard–MLWGS Regional School Board Chair
  • Jeff McGee–MLWGS Director
  • George Nyfeler–MLWGS PTSA President