What We Support

The Foundation seeks to make MLWGS a better place to learn and to teach.  Here is some of what we do to that end:

Academic Enhancements

The Foundation supports activities and/or resources that enhance the academic experience of students at MLWGS through enhancement grants.  Faculty members apply to the Foundation for grant funding to support their classroom instruction.  This can take the form of purchasing equipment, books, or software, paying stipends for guest speakers, covering the cost of field trips, and more.  Faculty members can also apply for grants to offset the cost of activities and competitions for clubs they sponsor.  Read more about those categories of grants here and here.

International Travel

MENA Seminar Morocco trip – spring 2018

Class-related international travel opportunities serve the mission of the school by advancing gifted students’ understanding of world cultures and languages.  MLWGS is fortunate to have faculty members willing to go above and beyond to develop and execute these trips.  The Foundation significantly offsets the cost for many and covers the entire cost of the trips for students in financial need.  Over the past few years, we have helped send dozens of students abroad, to places like the United Kingdom, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada, and Morocco.  For many students, these trips represented their first ventures outside of the US.  In 2019-20, we’ll be offsetting the cost for the first-ever South Africa senior seminar trip.

Professional Development

The Foundation supports professional development opportunities for members of the MLWGS faculty and staff.  We provide grants for graduate coursework and for conference and workshop attendance.

Student Aid

In recognition of the fact that not all students attending MLWGS have access to the same set of resources, the Foundation works with the MLWGS administration and Office of Counseling to offer financial assistance to students in need in the form of student aid grants.  Student aid funding can cover field trip costs (including class-related international travel), semester fees, club dues, yearbook purchase, and more.  If you think student aid funding could benefit your student, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Wendy Ellis to discuss.  Information about recipients is kept confidential.  We want to help your exceptional student make the most of MLWGS!  Read more about what we fund here.

Alumni Programs

While the primary mission is to provide direct support to current students and faculty at MLWGS, the Foundation also serves as the alumni office for our more than 3400 graduates. Alumni programs include Fall Festival,  Reunions Weekend, Alumni Showcase, and regional and local events.  We also work to support professional networking among alumni and connect current seniors with alumni who have attended particular colleges and universities who can answer questions as those students are making their college choices.  Read more about our alumni and our alumni programming here.

Taylor Teaching Award

2017 TTA recipient Lisa Williams in India

The Taylor Teaching Award was established upon the retirement of beloved school founder, teacher, and administrator Pat Taylor.  Every year, a MLWGS teacher selected by an independent committee receives a $7500 award that supports a summer international travel experience that will directly impact and enrich their classroom instruction. The award helps faculty  members develop a first-hand understanding of the world cultures and expands opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction.  Read more here.