What We Support

Academic Enhancement Grants

A primary focus area of the Foundation is the support of activities and/or resources that enhance the academic experience of students at MLWGS.  These items include classroom instructional resources, class government field trips, student clubs, international travel, and academic tools.  

Alumni Programs

While the primary mission is to provide direct support to the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government & International Studies, the Foundation also serves as the Alumni office for 3,050 graduates. Alumni programs include Fall Festival,  Reunion Weekend, Alumni Showcase,  Class Agents Program, Richmond Alumni Chapter, Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter, and Regional Alumni Events.

Professional Development

The Foundation supports Professional Development opportunities for all members of the MLWGS faculty and staff.  These opportunities include estimated expenses associated with continued Graduate Coursework and professional conferences.

Student Aid

The Maggie Walker Governor’s School Foundation is proud to support student involvement in programs and/or experiences as well as provide supplies and equipment that compliment day to day classroom learning. We also recognize that not all students attending MLWGS have access to the same set of resources; therefore, the Foundation strives to connect students in need with the educational enhancements necessary to deepen their MLWGS experience.  The Governor’s School Foundation works with the MLWGS administration and Office of Counseling to offer financial assistance to students in need.

Taylor Teaching Award

The Taylor Teaching Award provides an annual $7,500 grant to teachers at Maggie L.Walker Governor’s School to design and embark on a summer international travel experience that will directly impact and enrich their classroom instruction. The award is invaluable in giving faculty the first- hand understanding of the world cul- tures that they seek to foster in their students and in meeting the mission of the school to “advance understand- ing of world cultures and languages.”