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September 5, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

To all current students, parents, and faculty members, welcome or welcome back to Maggie Walker!  We at the Foundation are excited for the upcoming year.  To keep up with what we’re funding this year, you can like our Facebook page, or check the Enhancement Grants section of our website.  We’re happy to announce that our Board has approved $165,000 worth of enhancement grant expenditures in 2017-18 to enrich opportunities at MLWGS for students and faculty.

That includes $20,000 worth of student aid, which can be used to pay for everything from semester fees to class-related travel expenses for students in financial need.  If you are interested in accessing student aid funding, contact Dr. Wendy Ellis, Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  The administration screens all requests for student aid, and the identity of the student is always kept anonymous.

If you’re considering donating to the Foundation’s 2017-18 Annual Fund, know how much we would appreciate your support.  If you have already, thank you so much!  Your contributions help make Maggie Walker an even more exceptional place for students and faculty.

Lastly, in honor of the first week of school, read about some of our alumni who are now work in education:

  • Leaf Elhai (’09) currently teaches high school English teacher in Boston Public Schools.
  • Kevin Fogg (’01) is a lecturer at Oxford University
  • Poet Jack Christian (’97) teaches at Westfield State University
  • Bailey Thomson (’06) is the Director of Operations at SPARK Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Nisha Ligon (’04) is the co-founder of Ubongo Media, produces Kiswahili and English-language educational programming for kids in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

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