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Shamin Speaker Series: Dr. Edna Greene Medford

October 29, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The MLWGS Foundation was proud to host the first event for the Shamin Speaker Series, made possible by a major gift from Amishi & Neil Amin (’96), on October 25, 2019.  Dr. Edna Greene Medford, professor at Howard University specializing in nineteenth century African-American history, spoke at the 2019 induction ceremony for History Honor Society.  Dr. Medford spoke on the […]

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Grant Spotlight: Cardiff Castle

October 9, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Part of our grant supporting the December AP Comparative Gov trip to the United Kingdom will cover the cost of students visiting Cardiff Castle, located in the center of the Welsh capital city.  The castle dates from the 11th century and is built on a Roman fort dating from the 50s AD.  In the mid-1800s, the castle […]

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Grant Spotlight: John Marshall House

October 1, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

A grant from the MLWGS Foundation covered the entry fee to the John Marshall house for Mr. Wilkes’ Historiography students at the end of September.  John Marshall, the fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, built the house in what is now downtown Richmond and lived there for 45 years until his […]

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Grant Spotlight: Yamaha Piano

September 26, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

This summer, the MLWGS Foundation contributed to the purchase of a new piano for the school.  The school’s existing piano was roughly 20 years old and could no longer be completely repaired by piano technicians.  The piano is used regularly by all classes in the music department as well as for performances throughout the year.  We […]

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Grant Spotlight: Charles Dickens Museum

September 25, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

A grant from the MLWGS Foundation will cover the entry fee for the Charles Dickens Museum for AP Comparative Government students visiting with teacher Matt McGuire in December. Make your gift to the 2019-20 Annual Fund to support everything we do!

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Grant Spotlight: Student Fees

September 23, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Providing access to all of the opportunities MLWGS has to offer its students is one of the most meaningful things the Foundation does.  To that end, our Board approved $22,000 worth of funding to be used for student financial aid in FY20.  We’re proud to say that so far in 2019-20, the Foundation has covered almost $5000 worth […]

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Grant Spotlight: International Language Instruction

September 16, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Sometimes it’s the little things!  The Foundation gives out numerous small grants every school year in various categories.  One of our smaller grants this year covered the cost of purchasing Motion Verbs – Without Mistakes, an illustrated manual for use by Michael White in Russian II & III classes.  International language instruction is one of the things […]

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Grant Spotlight: Graduate Coursework for Faculty

September 16, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

In 2019-20, the MLWGS Foundation has committed to supporting graduate-level coursework for twelve members of the faculty.  Several teachers are gaining additional training in gifted education, while others are focused on subject-area specialization.  Members of the administration and counseling departments are also taking on graduate-level coursework, as is librarian Wendy DeGroat.  The MLWGS faculty is one-of-a-kind, and […]

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Grant Spotlight: Wireless Internet Access At Home

September 6, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Not every MLWGS student has reliable internet access at home, which can make completing homework assignments, projects, and research outside of school hours a challenge.  In recognition of this fact, MLWGS Chief Technology Officer David Bortz worked with the Foundation to purchase ten Kajeet wifi devices and service for them.  The small, portable devices act as wireless […]

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Grant Spotlight: Magical Realism Days

June 6, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The MLWGS Foundation provided a grant to cover the cost of Latin American food for English students studying magical realist literature.  Students wrote in a thank you note, “Thank you for allowing us to experience Latin American culture through food.  It was delicious!”

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Grant Spotlight: Comparative Government Students in Canada

June 4, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Mr. McGuire’s annual Canada trip is currently underway, and students are enjoying June weather in Ottawa and Toronto.  They recently visited the Office of the Speaker of the Senate, the Honourable George J. Furey, Q.C.  This is just one of the unique experiences Mr. McGuire curates for students on the trip, all of which will enrich their […]

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Grant Spotlight: Awaken at the VMFA

May 15, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The MLWGS Foundation recently provided a grant to cover the cost of admission to the VMFA’s “Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment” exhibit for Kinsey Buhrman’s Eastern Religions students. Proximity to cultural institutions like the VMFA is part of what makes MLWGS such a special place to learn, along, of course, with the faculty […]

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Grant Spotlight: Three Teams Place in Top 10% of College-level Math Modeling Contest

May 14, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

Over 25,000 teams competed in this year’s MCM, which is an international math modeling contest which pits university teams against each other.  MLWGS recently had three teams earn honors as Meritorious, which puts them in the top 10% of all the college-level competing teams.  This year’s teams were asked to create an evacuation plan for the Louvre […]

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Grant Spotlight: AP Prep

May 6, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

It’s never a bad thing to be the people who make there be pizza.  We recently provided an enhancement grant to feed students attending Mr. Wilkes’ last AP prep session before the test.  It ended up feeding a multitude!  From Mr. Wilkes: “I want to thank you on behalf of all the students.  The pizzas […]

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