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Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Caldwell (’06)

January 4, 2018 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

“I have really wanted to be a teacher my whole life,” says Rachel Caldwell (’06). “However, two experiences at MLWGS really cemented my desire to pursue a career in education: the time I spent volunteering with the Newtowne Tutoring Program, and my senior year mentorship with Annie Campbell, a second grade teacher at Fox Elementary. […]

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Alumni News Round-Up: November 11, 2017

November 14, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

Here’s our round-up of alumni news from the week of November 11, 2017: Ashley Hawkins (’03) has been named one of VCU’s “10 Under 10” for 2017. The award honors alumni who earned their first VCU degree within the past 10 years and who have enjoyed remarkable professional success while making important contributions to their […]

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The Mentorship Program at MLWGS

November 13, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

The mentorship program available to seniors at MLWGS is one of the things that makes the school so remarkable.  In our role as the alumni office, the Foundation has collected a number of testimonials about the impact of this program on the lives of Governor’s School graduates.  Read some of them below: Shanthi Hiremath (’16)’s […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Shanthi Hiremath (’16)

October 22, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

How do MLWGS students choose where to apply to college and ultimately where to attend? How do they handle the transition from high school to college? Our youngest alumni have the freshest perspectives on college applications, admissions, and selection.  Shanthi Hiremath (’16) is a sophomore and member of the track team at Dartmouth College in […]

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Senior Showcase 2017

June 2, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The mentorship program and the specially-designed senior seminar classes are some of Maggie Walker’s most remarkable offerings for students.  Senior Showcase is the culminating event for both courses of study. Mentorship areas this year included fashion merchandising, investing, non-profit work, cardiology, investigative journalism, architecture, French pastry, music therapy, and many more.  Davis Coffey (’17) gave […]

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