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Alumni News Round Up: Week of February 2, 2019

February 9, 2019 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

Here’s our round-up of alumni news from the week of February 2, 2019: Congratulations to Sam Ulmschneider (’02) and all his We the People students on another state championship! The Mech Tech Dragons (FRC 422) recently created a LinkedIn Page for current members, alumni, parents, and friends of the team to connect!  You can join […]

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Grant Spotlight: books for We the People

December 13, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

In addition our commitment to offset the cost of the We the People team’s trip to nationals by $20,000, the Foundation is supporting those students in other ways.  We set aside $22,000 this fiscal year to support enhancements that enrich classroom instruction across all departments.  Sam Ulmschneider (’02) received funding through this category to purchase […]

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Alumni News Round-Up: Week of December 9, 2017

December 11, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

Here’s our round-up of alumni news from the week of December 9, 2017: Finale Doshi-Velez (’01) was part of a research team that used machine learning to create an algorithm to predict an antidepressant’s effectiveness based on depression subtypes. When implemented in clinical settings, the new tool was found to be more accurate than existing […]

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Alumni News Round-Up: Week of November 4, 2017

November 9, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

Here’s our round-up of alumni news from the week of November 4, 2017: New York Times-bestseller ALWAYS AND FOREVER, LARA JEAN by Jenny Han (’98) has advanced to the semi-final round of the Goodreads Choice Awards. You can vote for it to move to the final round here. Ashley Hawkins (’03) and her beautiful home […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Kent Rollins (’14)

September 18, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Blog

Kent Rollins remembers his tenure at Maggie Walker as a time of growth.  “Both emotionally and physically.  I experienced a lot of personal growth, but I also grew 11 inches,” he joked.  He described himself as “an 80/20 kid” for the first two years of high school.  As in, “Put in 20% effort, get the […]

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Grant Spotlight: We The People

May 23, 2017 / Catherine Nicholas / Spotlight - Grants

The Governor’s School Foundation is proud to cover much of the cost of participation in the We The People National Championship competition every year.  For many years, the competition was free for all qualifying teams, but congressional budget cuts mean that it now costs teams tens of thousands of dollars to attend.  In the 2016-17 […]

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